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gram / cubic centimeter (g/cm³)
gram / cubic decimeter
gram / cubic meter (g/m³))
gram / liter
gram / milliliter
megagram / cubic centimeter
megagram / cubic meter
megagram / liter
megagram / milliliter
milligram / cubic centimeter (mg/cm³)
milligram / cubic decimete
milligram / cubic meter (mg/m³)
milligram / liter
milligram / milliliter
kilogram / cubic centimeter (kg/cm³)
kilogram / cubic decimeter
kilogram / cubic meter (kg/m³)
kilogram / liter
kilogram / milliliter
ounce / cubic foot
ounce / cubic inch
ounce / cubic yard
ounce / gallon [UK] (oz/gal)
ounce / gallon [US] (oz/gal)
pound / circular mil foot
pound / cubic foot (lb/ft³)
pound / cubic inch (lb/in³)
pound / cubic yard
pound / gallon [UK] (lb/gal)
pound / gallon ([US] (lb/gal)
grain / cubic foot
grain / cubic inch
grain / cubic yard
grain / gallon [UK]
grain / gallon [US]
tonne / cubic centimeter
tonne / cubic decimeter
tonne / cubic meter
tonne / liter
tonne / milliliter

The density (also density or volumetric mass) of a body is defined as the quotient between the mass and the volume of that body. In this way, it can be said that density measures the degree of mass concentration in a given volume. The symbol for density is ρ (the Greek letter ró) and the SI unit is kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m3).