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poise (P)
centipoise (cP)
micropoise (µP)
milipascal segundo (mPa·s)
pascal-second (Pa·s)
gram per centimeter second (g/(cm·s))
kilogram per metre second (kg/(m·s))
newton second per square metre (N·s/m²)
pound-force second per square inch (lbf·s in²)
pound-force second per square foo (lbf·s/ft²)
pound per foot second (lb/(ft·s))
pound per foot hour (lb/(ft·h))
poundal second per square foot
slug per foot second (slug/(pés·s))
dyne second per square centimetre (dyn·s/cm²)

Dynamic viscosity, also called "absolute viscosity", is a measure of a fluid's toughness or viscosity.

The absolute viscosity is Pa.s (N.s/m²) in SI units. This unit is usually expressed in mPa.s given its magnitude. Another convenient way, from the CGS system is Poise, with a Poise equal to 0.1 Pa.s that is, a centipoise (cP) is equal to 1 mPa.s